When it comes to selecting the aquatic animals for your aquarium our overall goal is to provide them with an environment where they can thrive. We will help you make the best selections and educate you on what species are appropriate as well as their feeding and space requirements. We share your passion and love for these animals and want to make sure they are in a good home – we take this responsibility very seriously.

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Once the species are chosen we will source them responsibly and bring them to our facility for quarantine. We are proud to have a strict quarantine regiment where we observe the animals closely for 1-2 weeks to make sure they are healthy and eating. We will medicate and “fatten-up” any animals in need before they are placed in your aquarium. We have had tremendous success with this quarantine procedure with little or no fish disease and continue to provide these aquatic animals with happy lives for years!

All of our clients receive free delivery of exotic fish. We will acclimate them to your aquarium and make sure they adjust into their new environment.

Many fish species are available. Here are some we like and recommend.